I believe that every business should be build from the inside out to achieve the outcome envisioned.

Having the right strategy, processes and systems in place for your business is crucial, but without the right mindset and good overall health it can only go so far.

I've personally experienced the power of combining and aligning the two together and also see the amazing benefits it's bringing to my clients. Supporting entrepreneurs and businesses using a holistically aligned lens is where my expertise lies and I'd love to share what this can do for you too.


Ways of working with me.

1:1 Coaching

On the journey or wanting to start the journey of becoming an entrepreneur, but feeling stuck, overwhelmed or burned out? Not sure where or HOW to build a business that not only works for you, but one that you love? Then this one is for you!

Personalised Project based

Need a hand with a specific project that requires the attention and eye of an expert? Don't wait and find out how I can help you with this.

90 Min Consultation

Every business no matter how small or big can use a consultation session with an outside expert from time to time, to identify how and where your business can improve.

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Want to learn how I can help you?

1:1 Coaching

Holistically Aligned Business

This is a 1:1 coaching program combined with group coaching and course material. Over the course of 3 months we'll closely work together to build the business of your dreams that is aligned with your personal goals and values.

This program covers everything you need to build a strong inner plus business foundation to help you thrive in every area!


Project basis

This service offers a dedicated and tailored approach to address a specific project objective. Together we will work closely to tailor a strategy designed to create the best possible outcome. My approach is flexible and I believe in open and honest communication and constant collaboration. I'll always ensure that you are fully informed and involved throughout the process. My expertise is across the full commercial suite with a focus on:

• Business strategy • Digital marketing • Lead generation • Lead scoring • Funnels • System implementation and integration • CRM set up.

To learn more about how I can help and support you with a specific project, please schedule a FREE intake session by clicking the button below.

Business strategy


During this 90-minute business consultation session you can expect goal identification, data gathering, expert analysis, strategic planning, and problem-solving discussions to help you achieve your desired outcomes. I'll provide you with a tailored advice and actionable recommendations to address specific challenges and improve various aspects of your business.

You can schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with me, to learn more about how I can help you, by clicking the button below.


What others say about me:


Head of Central EMEA Sales Strategy

at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Gitte is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring professionals I have had the privilege of collaborating with. Her strong vision and exceptional leadership skills make her stand out. She consistently demonstrates a willingness to take ownership and explore unconventional approaches while making significant strides every day.

What sets Gitte apart is her remarkable ability to build trust among teams, allowing them to unleash their innovative potential, take risks, and learn from failures. She actively supports diverse ideas, fostering a truly creative environment across the entire organisation.

Moreover, Gitte genuinely cares about people and their personal growth.

As a business partner, Gitte is outstanding. She consistently expresses her opinions in a constructive and positive manner. Despite juggling conflicting priorities, she maintains a professional attitude, exudes boundless energy, and remains composed even in high-pressure situations.

Without hesitation, I would eagerly collaborate with Gitte again, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to others.

Toni Finnimore

Founder & CEO The Social Society

Gitte is an incredibly talented women with a huge depth of knowledge in operations, sales and business development.

Her expertise, teaching style and patience has allowed me to create a seamless sales and biz dev process, whilst being there every step of they way.

Gitte has made the complex seem easy and for a solo founder attempting to spin many plates, this has been invaluable.

Thank you so much Gitte, forever grateful to you

Teresa Fearis

Head of Partnerships

Gitte is an absolute joy to work with and a real powerhouse at delivering and optimising rev ops, especially the tech stack. During our time working together she navigated complex projects with multiple stakeholders and ambitious deadlines with such grace, somehow managing to balance enablement and execution. She looks at everything though a commercial lens, able to collaborate with teams and leverage data across marketing, sales, operations and client services to accelerate growth.

Ivandra Cavalcanti Broome

CEO of Iva Intuitive Coach

I can’t say enough of how lucky I have been to be working with Gitte for the past 3 months.

She is really knowledgeable of all things business & systems, and has some great personal life changing skills and tools!

She also is so so lovely to deal with. I really appreciated her energy and kindness, her hard work and all that she is! I have became a big fan!

I can’t recommend her services enough! Whoever works with her is really lucky to have her on their corner!

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